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Below is an example of our Foundation Training.
Three basic manners most people surrender their dogs for.

Door Control

Leash Control

Food Control

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What do you want from your dog?

Throwing them to the wolves.

Video: Hope in a Shelter

Video: Working Mind success at the Georgetown Shelter

Behavioral Assessments in Shelters

Born to Run, but not invincible!

Deaf & Blind dogs, they deserve a chance!
Stray dog Encounter Survey

The healing process, of two very misundertood dogs.

Hitting the streets.

What makes Papa Different? - a story about a very special "bait dog" that stole my heart.

The Big Debate On Pack Behavior

Why do we own dogs?

The myths I hear about Staffies

Pack Strength at its Finest

We ask them to "Protect"

Is my dog dominant?

Are you correcting the right dog?

Prong Collars & Why I Don't Recommend Them

How to stop or break up a fight safely!

Why spanking your dog is wrong!

Pack Structure, Are you the leader of your pack?

What every parent/dog owner should know! (Misunderstanding Kids & Dogs)

Why you should not alpha roll your dog!

Is it mean to crate your dog?

Dog Parks, why I avoid them!

Dog Whisperer: good,bad & should you practice it?

Is playing with my dog, enough exercise?

 Pack Mentality, Can it really be seen in domestic dogs?

My dog rushes out the door when it opens!

Learning your dog's body language : Targeting

Out of control to controlled play, how can I do this?

Video of controlled play session

Pit Bulls and Common Owner Mistakes

Submissive Urination

Doggie Push ups, video and instruction

Proper Use of a slip collar, video and instruction

Teaching a Puppy "No Bite"

Teaching an adult dog "No Bite"

"Pit bull" is not a breed!

Understanding deaf dogs

How to choose a dog trainer

Proper social skills with dogs