Protect First Leather Products

First, lets talk about our leather choices.

I use only high quality leather; your dog and your hands deserve the best.  We purchase Austin and Classic shoulders. This leather is 8-9 ounces in weight making it perfect for rugged durability and heavy wear and tear a dog leash will have. Austin and Classic leathers are soft to the touch with a natural finish and coarse grain look. 

For stronger dogs, we can customize your leash with Latigo leather. Latigo leather has exceptional strength and durability, which make it ideal for large breed or reactive dogs. This leather is a thick 10 oz weight - the weight used for horses- so definitely tough enough for a strong dog! This leather is stiff in the beginning , but becomes beautifully smooth after use. Please add $15 to the individual products cost if you choose Latigo.

Every product is personally hand cut, designed and handcrafted by Tara- each and every one. Pride and passion for the right feel is important to her, and each leash shows this. Tara personally tested the different types of leather for strength and durability with her rehabilitation cases at Training By Tara.

Our Products
Standard 6 foot leather leash
Each leash is hand crafted and designed to help you control your dog in comfort and style. The ends are double braided back and riveted for extra strength. Each leash comes with Tara’s signature hand placement braids mid-leash, to help you have a better grip and not have your hand slide down the leash when your dog pulls. No more tying your leashes in knots to prevent leash burn, or wrapping the leash tightly around your hand or wrist. Simply hold the hand placement areas, and see how much more control and comfort walking can be even with the strong pullers.

Leash length: 6 feet
Leash width: 5/8 inch
Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut, burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for standard leash: $45 (Latigo $15 additional)

3-Function Leash- This is Tara’s personal favorite. 
This is a great every day leash! This leash gives you the quick ability to shorten your leash to a 3 foot option with one clip and place it over your shoulder to go hands-free. This design also helps you tether when you take your dog to a café- no more tying your leash to chairs, simply clip it to the chair, your waist, or over your shoulder while you eat. You can go right back to the 6 foot option with one clip.  

All leashes are hand-cut, double braided, riveted for extra strength, and they come with Tara’s signature hand placements braids.

Our hand placements are grips braided into the leash so no more knots to tie and untie, and no more wrapping the leash around your hand or arm! These grips are placed where you should be holding your leash. If held properly, you and your dog have less stress on the walk. 
No leash burn, no tension.

Leash length: 6 feet
Leash width: 5/8 inch
Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut, burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for 3 function leash: $65 (Latigo $15 additional)

Traffic lead/Seatbelt restraint

These leads offer 4 uses in one small leash. This versatile leash can be used as a secure way to keep your dog from bouncing around in the car, without having to “tie” them in. The double clips allow you to attach in no time. 
You can also use this leash as a safety line if your dog has a tendency to break their collars, or slip their collars. Simply attach one end to your flat/martingale collar and the other end to your training collar. 
It can also be used in high traffic areas, to keep your dog close to you without getting tangled in the leash, and as a house drag-line for training! 

Leash length: 12 inches attached, 2 feet unattached.
Leash width: 3/4 inch
Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut, burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for traffic leash: $25 (Latigo $15 additional)

12- Multifunctional Leather Leash (This leash does it all.)

These 12 function-working leashes have a detachable handle to allow the following 12 different functions: 

1. Seatbelt restraint
2. Traffic lead
3. 12 inch short tether-house drag-line
4. Safety lead for two collars- attach one end to training lead and the other end to a collar as a back up.
5. Hands free over the shoulder healing lead 
6. 6 foot option
7. 4 foot leash
8. 3 foot leash
9.  6 foot tether anywhere option
10. Hands free waist tether
11. Slip leash
12. Figure eight leash 

Leash length: 6 feet
Leash width: 5/8 inch
Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut, burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for 12 function leash: $85 (Latigo $15 additional)

10 Multifunctional Leather leash

These leashes are similar to our 12 function leashes, but they do not have a detachable handle. This eliminates the potential for a traffic lead, and a short drag-line for in your house. 

Leash length: 6 feet
Leash width: 5/8 inch
Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut , burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for 10 function leash: $75 (Latigo $15 additional)

Personalized Leather Collars

We can make you a matching collar for your pup and add their name /phone number, or a quirky saying.  
Our collars can come in 1, 1.5, or 2 inch widths and can be made to your dog’s neck size.  

Colors available: Black, brown, chestnut, burgundy- (latigo only)

Cost for custom collars: (Latigo $15 additional)
$45 for collar with name only
$50 for collar with name and number
$60 for hand-tooled collar – please email for more information

Fun box set! 

Collar with a matching keychain, bracelet, or leash, or all three!

Have a quirky saying you want on your dog’s collar and one to match on your own keychain, bracelet, or leash?

Let’s say your dog’s collar says “I rescued my mom/dad/human”, and your keychain, bracelet, or leash says “I was rescued”.
Or your dog’s collar can say, “I do bad things, but…” your key chain, bracelet, or leash can say “I will always love my dog or specific breed”

I can customize it anyway you choose. 

For just a keychain or bracelet, the cost would be $20 with a saying (we will need your wrist size for bracelets) (Latigo $15 additional)

For a collar and key chain or bracelet combo - $55 together(Latigo $15 additional)

If you want a box set of all three matching items- A leash, a collar, and a key chain (or bracelet), the cost will be the leash cost of your choice plus $50 for the collar and key chain (or bracelet) box set. (Latigo $15 additional)

For any orders and more information, please contact us at
Additional purchasing choices- personalize your leash with either your name, your dogs name, your phone number- or all of course for an extra charge. We can write anything on your leash. Cost for lettering ranges from $10-$20 extra, pending request.