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We respond to every email between sessions and within 24 hours time. 

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  • We require a behavioral evaluation form and vaccination records for every dog no less than 24 hours before their scheduled appointment. The forms will be emailed to you and can be emailed back. This is part of our assessment process and included in your consultation, but we also need it to ensure the safety and health of all our participants.
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (local) are subject to a $25 rebooking fee. Cancellations out of area that require an overnight stay, with less than 24 hours are responsible for full price of appointment. Cancellations must be sent via email.
  • Make-up sessions for missed classes: $30 each.
  • No shows are subject to a full price session without 24 hour notice of cancellation via email

Stay and Train
We do not offer regular 

  • Basic Stay/Train: $60 per day per dog
  • Behavior Stay/Train: $80 per day per dog
  • Aggression Stay/Train: $150 per day per dog
  • *Special handling for dogs with aggression issues that are not staying for training- $60 per day. 
    We now offer Skype/FaceTime sessions.

    If you are out of state or even the country, we can now offer help via Skype or FaceTime.

    Email us at

    We will send you the forms we need for you to fill out, and we will set up an session with you. 

     Sessions are $50 per half hour, not to exceed 1.5 hours.

    Mastercard and Visa are accepted for this service, and payments are made prior to your session.

    Since our classes are limited to four dogs, everyone gets individual attention unlike most group classes. It also allows you and your dog to learn more in less overall time. Please be advised you are paying for our curriculum, not for the hour a week. Classes may take less then an hour, pending how many people are in the class.

    All courses require a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your place, except for single classes which require payment in full. If you enroll two dogs, we require one dog's full tuition. This will be applied to the total cost of the class. Deposits are due no later than two weeks before the first class. Classes with less than three participants will be postponed until the minimum number of participants are signed up and deposits are received. Make-up sessions for missed classes: $30 each. (We do not do make-ups for reactive classes). 

    We now accept Mastercard & Visa. Card must be present at time of session/class.

    6 Week Courses
    *Cost is based on curriculum for all our classes*

    Basic $220 This course teaches 23 commands and addresses some common behavioral issues That can corrected immediately. You will also learn basic body language skills to help you prevent problems later on.
    Intermediate $220 This course teaches 17 skills and includes some off-lead work. This is more of an intermediate/advanced class. All of our Basic Obedience grads can move right up! By the end of this class, your dog will be able to perform an off-lead, out of sight, down stay in a line with their classmates. 
    Advanced $220  Everything you need to pass the Canine Good Citizens Test! We take the test apart, step by step, to help you pass! We also throw in high distractions that help in everyday scenarios as well as in passing the test!  Tara is now certified as a CGC evaluator. Upon graduation, the Canine Good Citizen test will be administered (included) There is an additional $8 fee to AKC for the certificate which is not included. 
    Extreme $220 This course teaches 15 commands in high-distraction settings. This will be outdoors so please dress according to weather as well as for walking. Some commands taught are: off-leash heel, walking drop down/stay, and distance stay.
    Basic Agility $220 This is a 6 week course where you and your pet will learn the different obstacles in the sport of agility. Your dog must be able to do an off-lead down/stay with other dogs around to enroll.
    Intermediate Agility $220 This is a 6 week course. You and your dog will now learn how to combine equipment and speed to get ready for trials. Basic Agility course must be taken to enter this class. 

    Specialized Courses

    TDAWG Classes
    Every Sunday


    30 minutes of obedience/30 minutes of agility taught with scent, touch and sign. This class is for our deaf, blind, deaf & blind, tripod, seniors or their friends.  


    email for 
    price and 
    Triebball is the wonderful sport of soccer for dogs. Have a herding breed and no livestock? A bully with extra energy? Maybe a shy dog who needs to come out of their shell! This sport is fantastic, fun and for all owners/dogs. Your dog will be "herding" giant balls back to you, with directions, quick stops, slow movements, pushing and self control. You stand in the goal and guide from a distance. 

    Reactive Walkers


    The Leadership Program is a prerequisite for any of the Reactive walker or Pack session, and specialized behavioral modification sessions like Resource Guarding, Human Social, and etc. Private 45-60 minute sessions at our location $75. Private 45-60 minute sessions with Tara at our location are $100. In-home private sessions are $150 with Tara, and $125 with Nicole; plus a mileage fee.

    The reactive classes are six sessions and have a four-five dog limit. Your dog will overcome everyday obstacles that may make you hesitate to take your dog in public.

    Reactive Walkers
    This class will help you dog deal with crazy pups, playing dogs, other reactive dogs, petting other dogs while you are holding yours on leash, and we will be doing bone sharing for those dogs that resource guard with other dogs.

    No make ups classes are offered for this series.

    Specialized Working 


    email for 
    We offer a number of specialized working sessions for you and your dog. These sessions are done in private one on one sessions depending on your dogs abilities and needs. Examples: Triebball, Controlling Prey Drives, Bite Inhibition, Tracking, Search for fun, and Cart Pulling (not weight pulling). These are not geared toward competition and are put into place for working and bonding purposes only.

    30 minute Single sessions 
     Single sessions are by appointment.
    The cost for 30 minutes of a session is $50.
    If the session runs over 30 minutes, extra charges will apply. 

     Pack Sessions  $50  These are with Tara and her pack members, you must have had a private leadership and have gone through our Reactive Walkers prior to requesting a pack session.
    Resource Guarding $50 This session will be covering all the different resource guarding issues that a dog may exhibit from food guarding, territorial guarding, to guarding owner's affection. 
     Bite Inhibition  $50   teaching your dog to have a soft mouth, humanely through play.
    Treadmill Training $50 Teaching your dog how to love the treadmill! Held at our location.
    Agility Variety  $50  The course will be set up in a new way to include Jumpers, Relays, and other agility variations. Basic Agility is required to join, Intermediate Agility is preferred.

    Private Sessions and Behavioral Consultations

    A consultation is required when your behavioral evaluation form indicates that we need to see your dog's body language and reactions to determine the best training options.  The consult takes about 30-45 minutes and no training is done at that time. 
    Private sessions are 45-60 minutes and designed to address your dog's specific issues.
    Prices shown are for a single dog and maximum one hour.
    Additional dogs, and time in session are extra. 
    Please contact us for more information.

    at the TBT Center On Location***
    Tara Consult $75 $100
    Session $100 $150
    Nicole  Consult $60 n/a
    Session $75 $125
    *** An additional travel fee will be incurred for on location sessions for distances more than 5 miles from our center as determined by google maps.